Saturday, May 29, 2010

My day started early this morning with another severe wind storm.  As I laid there trying to ignore the violence going on outside all I could think about was the big umbrella on the back deck getting blown to Kansas so I got up and took care of it.  We spent the morning shopping at other people's driveways and front yards then we returned home for a brief lunch and prepared for our adventurous afternoon.  We hiked a little over 5 miles in the Cheyenne Mountain State Park and we found a few Geocaches along the way.  There were times when the path was obvious and it was easy to find our way.  Some waypoints were found by a brute force "As the Crow Flies" method.  We were able to locate all containers that we looked for today and Elijah loved trading the small trinkets that were in abundance.  From this perspective you can't see the large fissure that divided this huge rock into 3 pieces and I think Clair would have stayed here all day if we didn't have other fish to fry.  At the end of the day we still had two treasures to find; Mouth watering meat cooked on the grill and the muscle soothing water of the hot tub.  Where is your sense of adventure?

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  1. If I could find that rock again I would label it my thinking spot! I loved it! It was in a private area with a good view. I think that was our best "find" of the the day! Heehee