Friday, May 28, 2010

This picture has a lot of glare on it but I'm using it anyway.  We went to see this movie today and we were a bit disappointed.  The faint attempt of a story line was completely covered up by even lamer sound.  It seemed that the action sequences were gratuitous and were very ho-hum (Insert yawn here).  Even Elijah was bored and he is a super-hero aficionado.  There were holes in the progression of the plot and Mickey Rourke with a Russian accent didn't add any content to the already badly thought out cast of actors.  Screen writers are already at a disadvantage with sequels since there is no element of surprise with character development and viewers expect certain plot points. When will Hollywood get back to mesmerizing us by telling stories on film and stop trying to fleece ticket buyers with 2 hours filled with bells and whistles?    I don't expect any Academy Award performance from a film of this genre, but the millions of dollars spent could have funded a feature that had substance.  What is the last movie you went to and walked away feeling entertained?

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