Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stacie and I had another wonderful day in New Mexico.  Our days started at a farmer's market and a nearby artist's market.  They were setup in the Railway section of town.  This monument is located in the middle of downtown Sante Fe a couple miles away.  We saw the oldest church and house in the United States.  The two were about a half a block from each other.  We walked up Canyon Road which has over 100 art galleries in a mile and, after nearly 4 hours, took in most of them.  We stopped at a tea house along the way and had some hot beverages to warm us up.  While we were admiring a majestic tree on Canyon Road a distinguished old man walking his dog stopped to talk to us.  He was very friendly and eventually recited some of his original poetry.  A few Geocaches were found during our trek which just added to fun.  We had dinner at a restaurant suggested by the garage sale guy from yesterday and there was a cache about 40 feet from the front door.  We sat in the "Randy Travis" room while the sun streamed in and took the chill from our bones. The food was good and the company even better!  When was the last time you stopped to gaze at a piece of art?

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  1. Sounds like such a fun time exploring the history of Santa Fe.
    Did you guys get to see the mystery staircase ?Ihope you did.