Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stacie prepared a wonderful dinner tonight.  The asparagus was perfect.  We had another great meal the other night in Sante Fe at a Mediterranean restaurant (the beef sharwarma was really good).  We had walked out of a couple of establishments because of very long wait times, and we found ourselves the only patrons in a clean, well decorated eatery.  We couldn't help but talk about the lack of customers and while we had the discussion many people came to the door and walked away.  The only thing we could find that could have been a turn off was that the food was a bit pricey.  I think that businesses of all kinds need to take a look at their inflated prices and welcome the increase in trade.  Our economy depends on supply and demand but companies feel like they need to fleece consumers of every hard-earned dollar.  Americans vote everyday with their spending.  Locals deserve a chance in this delicate financial national state.  When was the last time you chose to support Mom and Pop? 

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