Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today was Cinco de Mayo and, amazingly enough, it falls on the 5th of May.  This day commemorates the unlikely victory of the Mexican army against the French back in 1862.  I think it is ironic that the Mexican's were up against insurmountable odds (outnumbered 2 to 1) and were able to beat the better-equipped Frenchmen.  The ironic part is that we all know Cinco de Mayo, but how many of us know the dates of the 13 day siege where brave men defended the Alamo (I'll give you a hint; it was 26 years before the Mexican's victory)?  I haven't seen a history textbook in years.  I wonder if they are still passing along those important American stories that future generations will need to rally around.  Those stories have inspired citizens and at times enraged them into action.  Action that has sustained the freedoms and ideals of this great nation for over 233 years!  Here's an idea; The next time your city is having a "Pioneer Day" or "Founding Fathers" celebration, participate!  What part of your history will people celebrate?

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