Thursday, May 6, 2010

There is a commercial on television that has resurrected the kid game where you hit the person next to you on the arm when you see a Volkswagen Bug (I'll admit I had never heard of it until Clair and Tim were school-aged).  There are a lot of "house rules" and the variations are countless but the fundamentals are always the same.  I taught myself how to drive in a Volkswagen, however, it was a Karmann Ghia.  I would tell my dad that I needed to move the car in order to get the lawn mower out and I would do circles for hours.  It would get dark and the grass didn't get cut that day.  The first car that was designated for me to drive on a daily basis was a Beetle and it had a racing stripe in the same place as this one, just bigger.  These cars have the engines in the back, the battery under the back seat, and the gas tank up front, but they were built to last forever.  I was in Crowley, Louisiana once during a flood and a Bug came floating past me while I was steering clear of a stalled tractor-trailer.  When you think of a VW you think of this car.  Its universal appeal has never been matched by any other car in history, and it was so much fun to drive.  When you play the slug bug or punch buggy game do you have to say the color?

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