Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The world was so much different when I was in the fourth grade.  Not just because of the perspective thing but the fact that you could let your children play and no one would bother them.  Of course you had to be careful of what your kids were doing.  When I lived in State College, PA there was an open space that was called "Shed Field" and next to it was a concrete plant.  On Saturday afternoon when all the workers would go home, my friends and I would climb the conveyor belt all the way to the top.  We could have used the walk way but it was so much more fun to balance and "surf the belt".  There was no safety rail and that added to the adventure.  The top of the belt dumped into a mixer that combined the gravel and aggregate and it was only years later did I realize the risk.  Now my Mom is probably planning a trip to Colorado Springs right about now in order to administer punishment (with interest) and I'm hoping there is a statute of limitations on that sort of thing.  What did you do as a kid that put your life in danger?

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  1. For crying out loud Mark Timothy Weber!What in the world were you thinking of to pull a stunt like that. Stacie has my permission to whack you a few whacks on the butt or ground you and not let you go geocaching for at least a month!!
    No wonder Moms worry so much