Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alright, I like taking pictures of flowers.  I took this one with my Iphone on our walk up Star Ranch road today.  Stacie, Clair, Elijah, and I walked up to one the Geocaches that I've hidden (.  Clair and Elijah did very well considering the altitude and steep angle of the hike.  The route we took has been rated one of the hardest bike paths in Colorado Springs.  We ran some of the way down and when we were almost back home Clair wanted to go back up the hill.  So we did. Stacie led us in some stretching exercises and then we all helped get supper ready.  Right now we are watching the confetti fall on the new American Idol.  I guessed wrong but am happy with the outcome.  Stacie got it right but I'm not surprised.  She's very wise.  When was the last time that you've pushed yourself beyond your normal activities?

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