Monday, June 7, 2010

I was stopped at a light on the way back from work today and the sky was so full of activity.  I grabbed the Nikon and just started shooting and got mostly bad pictures of the dashboard, sun visor, and the head liner.  I didn't know what shots I had until I got home and reviewed them on my laptop.  I am now realizing the importance of the polarizing filter that I have attached to the 200mm lens since the contrast in this picture isn't how I saw it through the car window.  So far my focus (sorry about that) on being more technical with my photography has been centered on shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings.  I feel like picture composition is something that comes naturally to me but I still need to work to get those rich, full colors in my pictures that I see in the scene.  How do you see the world?

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  1. With my eyes. ;) I love you Paps!