Sunday, June 6, 2010

I spent the early morning hours watching birds visit the feeder.  They appeared to be very suspicious while they took in the "free" breakfast.  Then I realized they were just on the lookout for larger birds swooping down and completing the food chain.  Throughout the morning I noticed that the same set of birds would visit every so often and treat the feeder like a drive-thru.  The red birds would swing by and, as a couple, eat until they were full and I wouldn't see them for another hour or so.  The entire feathered community almost completely devoured the contents of the dispenser and it served its purpose as far as I'm concerned.  My eyes were glued to the thing and I could have watched it for hours.  Instead I pulled myself away and started the day with the rest of the household at about 6am.  This is an updated pictured of the hydrangea.  It is amazing how well it is thriving after the winter months.  How are you fighting cabin fever?

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