Friday, June 18, 2010

It was nice to spend the evening where the food was good, the entertainment great, and the company was the best.  The nine of us went to the Flying W Ranch.  It is a family friendly place where you get a cowboy dinner served chuck wagon style while the world's second oldest western group (they have been performing for over 58 years) plays on a weathered stage that neighbors the Garden of the Gods rock formations.  It appears that everyone enjoyed themselves.  Before dinner we toured the western town and today's picture was a shot of the inside of the church.  We saw a demonstration of Native American dancing, the souvenir shop, and various shops that would have been found in a western settlement.  It is always amazing to see how people lived in the old west and how things have changed.  God was an important part of the pioneer experience and the Flying W has made Him a part of their old town and their stage show.  This is a class act that you must see if you come visit us in Colorado Springs.  Have you ever eaten western whistle berries?

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  1. no, but one of my favorite memories of the 1st house in the azores was climbing that fig tree and eating figs while hanging out like a monkey