Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The morning light is so delicate.  Today it was peeking out of the clouds like a shy school boy trying to sneak a sugar cube out of the teacher's lounge.  I was in the 4th grade and one of the additional jobs of a crossing guard was to take all of the kindergarten kids home at mid day.  The teacher's lounge was right next to the kindergarten classroom and they didn't seem to mind that their "trustees" (wearing bright fluorescent orange safety belts) were making away with their sweetener.  The two of us had about 12 children that needed to get home safely and we escorted each one of them to their front door.  When the last child was delivered home we strolled back to school where we were afforded the privilege to go to the head of the lunch line.  After school we held back traffic while our classmates ran off to play until the sun went down.  Can you imagine two 10 year olds being in charge of a security detail?

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