Monday, June 21, 2010

The two Super Heroes (Two Face and Wonder Dog) protected Stacie and I from the ferocious Cujo (OK, the dog was smiling and his tail was wagging his body).  We watched as they showed us their Super Powers and used their Super Vision to find errant golf balls that found their way to our side of the fairway.  They found nine tonight before the sun called it quits for the evening and Rozzlyn, I mean Wonder Dog, reported to one of our neighbors that we were finding baseballs.  Right now Stacie is holding story time and Elijah is reading Green Eggs and Ham to us.  Our childhood is something that should never end and Stacie tells me all the time that mine hasn't.  Today was the first day of summer and the longest day of the year but only the adults noticed.  When you were a kid how did you use your imagination?

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  1. Oh, my precious little ones! What a wonderful summer they are having. Thank you and Stacie for your taking time with them. They will remember these precious moments with the two of you.