Saturday, July 17, 2010

As luck would have it today was the day a nearby neighborhood was having their annual community garage sale.  Stacie, Becky, Gary and I shopped until lunch time where we ate at Village Inn.  We then drove to Helen Hunt Falls and looked around a bit.  We decided to look for Geocaches and one brought us to this residence where these magnificent sculptures live.  They are "kinetic art" pieces that are carefully balanced to indicate the direction of even the slightest wind.  Afterwards we drove up into the mountains to look for a Geocache that Stacie and I tried to hike to once.  As we were about to take the plunge into the woods to look for it a passerby suggested that we attempt the find from the below.  So we headed off to other caches at our elevation and found a few. We decided to return to base for some supper and we fought the rain as we grilled chicken and Rattlesnake Bites.  Now we are re-grouping and will start the card game soon.  Have you found your first Geocache yet?

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