Friday, July 30, 2010

As Stacie and I walked the familiar territory around our home the air was full of beautiful smells as people were firing up there grills or stoves and getting a start on dinner.  I often wonder how other people choose what they have to eat that night.  I know it's easy to get into a rut cooking the same thing over and over.  Stacie and I have forbidden prepared foods in our pantry and we usually cook recipes from professional chefs from the Food Network.  We make adjustments in what we fix in order to accommodate visitors.  We've learned that you don't try a new recipe on company and Steak Diane takes longer than you think.  One of my favorite dishes is Stacie, I mean, Stacie's macaroni and cheese casserole that calls for Italian sausage, Italian cheese, and heavy whipping cream (Can you just picture the show at the grocery store when I'm carrying that back to the shopping cart, acting like it weighs 100 pounds?).  There are tiny drops of water starting to land on the laptop screen so we better head inside to enjoy our dinner.  What did you dine on tonight?

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