Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July to all of us patriotic Americans!  We celebrate today as a reminder of our separation from tyrrany.  Our young nation has grown so much in these 234 years and we have become the most powerful country in recent history.  Our founding fathers set in place certain guarantees that were well thought out and will continue to inspire our citizens for centuries to come.  The freedoms we share are not without price and I salute all our selfless military members past and present who have fought to ensure that we continue the lifestyles that we are entitled.  Stacie and I leave Seattle today, setting course for another chapter in our vacation.  There may not be Internet access for a couple days or so in the next week so I may have to post a couple on later days.  I will, of course, take pictures and write each day, but I might have to delay publishing until connectivity has been restored.  How will you celebrate our Independence Day?

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