Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It has been very relaxing as we cruise by the Canadian and Alaskan shoreline. Yesterday, while in mid-sentence, the guy talking to me just blurted out “KILLER WHALE!!!” We turned and looked out the window and sure enough there was one surfacing every so often. Stacie and I dressed up and took our picture with “Captain Stubing” then headed off to eat with some new friends. We sat and ate while we exchanged stories and discussed cultural differences. Afterwards we were off to another show where some poor guy slipped and fell and hit his head on a chair. The paramedics took about 15 minutes to do their jobs and then carried him off with his red badge of courage. We enjoyed the Frankie Vallie tribute group then it was up to the 13th deck in the Spinnaker Lounge to take in a comedian’s act. He was really funny (and clean!) and there was plenty of audience participation. We stayed in the Spinnaker for the “Dancing with the Pearl Stars” show. They pulled members from the audience to dance with some of the crew and a great time was had by all. We realized at a little after midnight that we were a little hungry so we made our way to the Crystal Atrium for a snack. Stacie ordered the spinach dip and I went for the English fish and chips. People below us were watching a movie on the 35 foot screen and after we ate we found the comfort of our stateroom. We were given one more hour to sleep in since we traversed time zones. Once again we braved the feeding frenzy down at the buffet for breakfast and now Stacie and I are laying in a bed-like chaise watching the cloud top mountains out the window. We brought along some reading material and it’s time that I start. Do Juneau what the capitol of Alaska is?

7-5-10  We started our day with a great breakfast at one of the buffets. We were afforded the opportunity to view some very rare gems and then we attended an art auction where we watched thousands of dollars trade hands in just a few seconds. I never could understand what those fast talking auctioneers were saying. I hope I didn’t buy anything by scratching my nose or something. We had a quick lunch and are off to a Geocache event on the 13th deck. We have a few other shows to take in later and the day should end a little after midnight. Our journey into Alaska aboard the Norwegian Pearl has been a smooth one and life on the boat is good. Have you ever been on a moving Las Vegas type casino/hotel?

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  1. We are enjoying you sharing your cruise with us.The pictures are Wonderful(Great picture of Stacie) and love reading about the cruise. What a Trip!