Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Have you ever wondered how people get sensational  thoughts and turn them into careers, notoriety, and fortunes?  They take simple ideas and make household names out of them.  They look for something that people need or could use everyday and make it happen.  Filling a need is a great gift that some people have been given and they will be known in history as visionaries.  I wish that I could wake up one morning and be inspired to invent the next must have item (Pet Rock, The Clapper, Cabbage Patch doll, Tickle Me Elmo, toilet paper, an operating system for computers, Iphone, plastic wrap that does more than stick to itself, etc).  I've been trying to look at things with a new perspective in order to dislodge a great idea from this cluttered brain of mine.  So far I've thought of many things that have already been done but I'm not giving up.  Have you ever invented something?

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  1. I have never invented anything but I like you have wondered WHAT I could invent to help our family and mankind.
    The picture you have on this blog is so beautiful, I really like it.