Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I saw all types of wild life on my evening walk tonight.  There was a deer grazing down in the wash near the fairway.  There was a snake 2 feet from where I was kneeling to take this picture.  He was harmless but he wasn't ready for his close-up and was a bit shy.  I took several shots of a busy bumble bee sampling from the floral buffet.  I didn't have the exposure set right so he was a little fuzzy and he was out of focus too(ha)!  We met our new neighbors this evening after I came back from my walk.  They seem like a very friendly couple.  I've been repeated their names over and over, because if you know me even a little bit, you know I have problems remembering names.  I'm sitting on the back deck where I've noticed three things.  The first one was that I forgot to take my allergy medicine and my eyes are itching more than a camper who used poison ivy as toilet paper.  The second thing is that the bird feeder is empty.  I'm surprised that my local feathered friends didn't cry fowl and decide that the hot tub needed to be white.  I also need to spray for arachnids (spiders to the layperson).  So I am prying myself out of this very comfortable spot and taking care of those things.  What things around the house did you take care of today?

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