Friday, July 2, 2010

We thoroughly enjoyed the "chowda" while dining on the waterfront here in Seattle.  We took a suggestion from a friend in Colorado Springs and he hit a home run.  The fish bar pictured here is the walk-up part of the restaurant where we ate tonight.  We landed at the airport, piled our luggage in a cab, checked into our hotel, and walked 15 minutes to some really good food.  To top off the evening there was a Geocache within 20 feet of this sign.  We had a leisurely walk back to the hotel and now we are resting before our busy day tomorrow.  The weather here was stereo-typical for Seattle.  It rained a few minutes at a time and was very light.  The lingering humidity was very noticeable to those of us who are used to the very dry static building atmospheric conditions at 6700 feet above sea level.  We had a wonderful day and are so looking forward to the upcoming events of the week.  Stay tuned!!!  Do you like the thin "East Coast" chowder or the hearty Pacific Northwest variety?

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  1. have fun, i know you've been looking forward to this, glad it had a great start