Thursday, July 1, 2010

It only took 10 minutes to snap 60 pictures this evening (we had a pizza in the oven).  While we were walking and I was telling Stacie about the snake I found last night on my walk she pointed out this fox out on the fairway.  A couple of golfers came tearing around the corner on a golf cart (lucky) and scared it away.  When we got home there was a mother deer with her two new born does in our backyard.  By the time I stepped back inside to get my camera two guys from our landscape company came and scared them off with loud string trimmers.  I'm amazed in the amount of wild life that we don't even have to go looking for.  It comes to us.  Last year we had an incident where a bear came through and rummaged through the whole neighborhood's garbage.  Stacie and I were the first up that morning and spent a long time cleaning it all up.   We now wait until the last minute to put the trash out front.  How do you alter your schedule because of four legged friends?

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