Saturday, August 7, 2010

After being served breakfast in bed (I Love You, Stacie!), I headed downstairs to troubleshoot why the washing machine wasn't advancing into the spin cycle.  After pulling the top off to investigate I found out that our model washer has a self contained tub with all of the components either inside the outer shell or underneath.  Just as I was about to replace the top and turn the thing upside down to access the motor and clutch I noticed something resting at the bottom.  It looked like a dollar bill but my vision in low light is not that good.  Stacie informed me that it was a ten.  We fished the currency out of the steel case and it was a ten with a twenty folded inside it.  I removed the broken belt from the pulleys and gearing then found an appliance parts place that had one in stock.  The belt cost $17.  It is not often that a project funds itself let alone has surplus.  The belt went back in place in minutes and Stacie says that the clothes dry faster in the dryer now since the washer wrings the clothes completely again.  We re-organized the garage, cleaned the hot tub, took the evening walk to get some photographs, found some golf balls, visited with neighbors and ate dinner.  Do you have money hiding in strange places in your house?

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