Friday, August 6, 2010

This is Matt.  He is a professional long ball driver who donated his time to a golf tournament to raise money for a local foundation created to assist active duty military and veterans, who have sustained a combat related disability, by providing access to recreational activities and equipment that encourages community involvement and inspires them to regain an active life.  We were stationed at hole number 1 with Matt.  He was offering to hit a drive from the tee for a donation to the foundation.  Hole number 1 was 580 yards long and Matt was averaging 340 - 360 yard drives today (normal for him is somewhere around 400, he was having some back problems today).  We sat and watched him smash the ball for 5 hours and he never failed to amaze us.  The players who chose to donate to the cause were awarded by being able to play from the spot where Matt's drive landed.  Aside from his ability to hit a golf ball extremely long distances Matt has another distinction.  Matt is a vet himself.  In fact he survived several major roadside bombings while he was in Iraq.  He has suffered permanent brain injury as well as many other ailments as a result of his humvee being blown up on 3 separate occasions.  He was medically retired after 14 years of service and he continues to serve his country by giving of his talent to help others who have suffered as a result of defending the freedoms of our country.  Click on this picture to make it larger then look for the golf ball Matt hit (just to the right of his hat, in the middle of the cloud).   What have you sacrificed for your country?

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