Monday, August 9, 2010

It was around 9:20 pm when I checked my email and saw that a new Geocache was published that was only a half a mile from the house.  I grabbed a flashlight and my Iphone and headed out the door.  I drove to the location, which is only a tenth of a mile away from one of my own cache hides, and as I got out of the car another cacher was there.  We exchanged greetings and started walking towards "ground zero" of the new cache.  We found the cache, signed the log, and reviewed the contents of the large container.  We will share the First To Find honors on this one but the guy I met at this evening outing is a pro at signing logs in the top spot.  He probably has more FTFs than anyone else in Colorado Springs.  I can't count the times that I would try to get to a cache first when I opened the log just to find Mr. Hartsdale had already been there and left.  Would you leave the comfort of your home at night to find Tupperware in the woods?

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