Saturday, August 21, 2010

Try number 3 at Cheyenne Mountain's Heart (I didn't log the second one).  We parked where the cache owner suggests to park.  We marked the parking spot on the GPSr to make sure we could find our way back.  We headed out and after a few trial runs and some discussion about our course of action we found ourselves on top of another mountain 471 feet from the cache.  We could not get to it from this point since it would have involved ropes, helmets, real carabiners, and harnesses.  I picked this picture to post today since the shots that showed all of Colorado Springs and into Kansas just didn't show the height like I had hoped.  The data from the waypoint taken at the parking location and the waypoint on top of the mountain showed that we had gained over a thousand feet in elevation.  The blood, sweat, and tears that represent those thousand feet can't be put into words.  Because we have had bears 40 feet from our front door and Geocachers had logged sightings at the cache we were looking for, Stacie armed herself with her "bear attack stick".  It measured a whopping 4 inches but was whittled to a sharp point.  I asked here what she was going to do with such a menacing weapon and she said "fight off the bear...".  After our defeat in reaching our goal we started trekking back down the mountain.  We found it impossible to descend the same way we went up so we found a canyon to follow down.  Near the bottom of the canyon there were two caves carved into the side of the walls that looked like they could house a family of bears.  We cautiously moved past the entrances to the caves and were very cheerful to hear the sound of traffic on the road below.  Oh, I almost forgot; on the way up the side of the mountain we found a very nice knife.  It was one of those all steel, double-edged, non-folding knives and we decided that it would be safer if we didn't keep it with us on the climb.  We put it in a safe place and vowed to retrieve it on the return journey.  We, however, could not return this same way and the knife is still in its safe place.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood of the knife, located at N38 47.110 W104 52.144 (Google Map it: make sure you take a peek at the Satellite view), you can either keep it for yourself (or if you are in a giving mood, bring it to us and we'll fix you a great meal!).  What adventure did you go on this weekend?

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