Friday, August 20, 2010

The weather was perfect for my day off today.  I did a couple things around the house, dropped a package off at a local shipping store, picked up a refill at the hospital pharmacy, and reconned a prospective location for a new Geocache that I want to hide. After Stacie came home from work we went out to eat and then we attended the evening performance of the U.S. Air Force's "Tops In Blue" variety show.  We enjoyed the song and dance talent of some of our armed forces and on the way home I got to thinking that between Stacie and I we have over 40 years of military service.  We are very proud to have given 4 decades of hard work to help protect our country and we thoroughly support those who have taken up where we left off.  When was the last time you thanked a policeman, fireman, or military member for their service to the community and our great country?

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