Sunday, August 1, 2010

We picked Clair and Elijah up from the airport in Denver this evening and I thought we would never get there.  As we were leaving the house I told Stacie that I felt like I was forgetting something.  For no reason what-so-ever the traffic heading out of town was moving at 35 mph in a 75 zone.  Later, 6 miles out of Castle Rock, the traffic slowed to 10 mph in a 75 zone.  Clair texted that they had landed in Denver and Stacie and I were still 40 miles away.  As we crossed into Denver's city limits the familiar "ding" warning announcing the low fuel condition startled me.  I knew I had forgotten something.  So we exited the interstate and Stacie found a gas station on "Alice" (our GPS).  I tried to use my card in the pump with no luck so I moved to another pump with the same result.  I tried Stacie's card and the same error popped up.  I eventually got it working and filled the tank.  We continued towards the airport (which really should be called the West Kansas Airport since it is out in the Boon Docks miles from Denver) and we ran into more traffic.  Construction was the impediment this time.  We finally arrived at the airport and were greeted by a huge hug from a couple weary travelers.  Sometimes it is the destination and not the journey.  Where will you go this week? 

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