Thursday, August 5, 2010

We were invited tonight to attend a fund raising event for a local organization that supports our military.  This evening's event was dinner with a silent auction and some raffle drawings.  There were your usual speakers whose message was what you would expect.  Then there was the speech from a 13 year old girl who was remarkable mature for someone of her age.  She spoke of her love of volleyball, rock wall climbing, and basketball.  She told us about her affinity for all the branches of the military and the women and men who proudly defend our nation.  Then she showed us her prosthetic leg that was decorated with the shields of the Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force (in that order, starting from the top).  She projected confidence and genuine concern for America's armed forces while the World War II, Korean War, and Viet Nam veterans hung on every one of her words.  As she mentioned the pain that she suffered and the intense rehabilitation she endured grown men throughout the room were wiping tears from their eyes.  The whole time her voice never cracked or wavered as she shared some pretty personal feelings about her country and its defenders.   Could you take a catastrophic life event and turn it into an inspiring example to others?

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