Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's the day after Labor Day and our dinnertime conversation turned to farming.  Stacie was telling me the ins and outs of processing milk. I wasn't aware of the work involved in a gallon of milk.   It appears that in the days when I would visit my aunt and uncle's farm just west of Kaplan, I was the only one having fun.  We would get up around 4am and I would bound out of bed so eager to have the honor of doing farm chores.  To me it was the beginning of an amazing adventure, but to my cousins it was just another day of hard work.  They owned two extremely large structures that housed thousands of chickens.  The first time I helped pick the eggs, I was the first one done with my row by a long shot.  My cousins asked "Where's your stick?"  I replied, "What stick"?  They said "The one you use to check for snakes."  I replied "Snakes?"  After they had a good laugh at my expense they explained that snakes love eggs and there were always snakes in the nests.  That was the last time I was first in completing my row.  When was the last time that ignorance was bliss for you?

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