Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day everyone.  Stacie and I drove home from Moab today and we had a great trip.  We traveled the scenic route via Highway 128 that parallels the Colorado River and we saved this thoroughfare for passage during the day so that we could take in the breathtaking views.  We made a few stops for Geocaches and one of them was in Cisco, Utah, a ghost town that once was a refilling station for a railroad that used steam locomotives and was also a location shoot for a few movies.  When steam engines became obsolete, Cisco dried up.  We conceptualized reviving the town with a travel center themed around the old west and our ideas kept rolling for about a hundred miles.  Which brings me to an interesting observation.  Stacie and I drive with the radio off and we talk the whole way.  In the past 4 days we have traveled 20 plus hours in the car and we never ran out of things to discuss.  We do this on every trip and it's something that we don't plan, it just happens naturally.  Who did you spend Labor Day with?

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