Saturday, September 18, 2010

We spent last night in the small town of Manitou Springs Colorado, just nestled at the base of the trail to Pike's Peak.  This charming little town is minutes from our home and we walked up and down its streets taking in the wonderful night air. While we were sitting on a park bench (we might have been looking for a Geocache) this guy walked up wearing a super-tight, bright red vinyl jump suit and a jester mask.  He was having some difficulty with the fit and as he past us we saw that he had ripped a major seam from top to bottom.  We had a good laugh and I guess that's what he wanted, just not that way.  We had our carpet cleaned yesterday so we spent the night in a hotel while they dried.  This morning we had a nice breakfast in Old Colorado City and then drove the short distance to Rock Ledge Ranch where we attended the Annual Holly Berry House Folk Art Festival.  We saw some very talented artists in almost every medium imaginable. We strolled through all of the booths and stopped to talk to a few of the exhibitors.  Stacie found a hand-crafted honey pot that had amazing blue colors and it found a prominent place on our kitchen counter.  Did you get out today and do something? 

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