Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!  The movie experience is not what it used to be.  Back in "the day", you paid a modest admission fee, and bought snacks that were affordable.  The movie started with a cartoon and Hollywood's story was well thought out and entertaining.  Other guests in the audience were polite, courteous, and respectful.  Today's tickets are overpriced while the cost of refreshments is inflated beyond belief.  The cartoon has been replaced with a short trivia slide show that repeats 6 times in 15 minutes.  Although clever informational videos remind patrons to turn off their cell phones and respect others, people still hold loud conversations in the middle of the critical part of the movie.  So, all this being said, Stacie and I seldom watch movies at a cinema.  We are content with viewing newly released films in full High Definition with Earth shaking sound in the comfort of our basement.  We don't have to worry about anyone around us giving away the plot, we can pause if we need to take a bathroom break or answer the door for the pizza dude, and we can pop fresh popcorn for a fraction of the cost.  Stacie and I watched "Shutter Island" last night and we enjoyed all the benefits of our home theater.  What's your favorite Halloween movie?

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