Saturday, October 30, 2010

Emma L. Crawford was laid to rest in 1891 at the top of Red Mountain near Manitou Springs, Colorado.  In 1921 the rain washed her out of her resting place down the mountain towards the city.  Sixteen years ago the town people of Manitou Springs started racing coffins down Manitou Avenue the weekend before Halloween in honor of Emma.  I guess people saw this morbid activity as risqué or irreverent and thus "trendy".  Its popularity has increased every year.  "Haunted" attractions are a half billion dollar per year industry in the United States.  As another option, Harvest Festivals present an alternative to the Dark Side.  These events, often sponsored by churches, offer free food, games, prizes, and are absent of the mischief and idle threat of damage to life and property.  When you die do you know where you'll end up?

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