Friday, November 5, 2010

I just happened to look at my email this afternoon and noticed that a new Geocache had been published in my neighborhood radius.  There were no logs yet posted so that meant that there was a chance for me to be the First To Find it.  It took everything I had to make sure I obeyed all the traffic laws on the way.  I arrived at the location and started my search.  The owner of the cache explained that hunters will be looking for a green "Bison" tube.  My iPhone zeroed in on the dead tree the owner had hinted to in his writing.  I soon realized that, although we were looking for a green container, it was probably hidden as something else.  I started using my hands to examine my surroundings and after a minute I tugged on a small branch and it was loose.  I pulled the branch away from its resting place and a green tube was hanging from the concealed end.  I felt like a child at Christmas time as I quickly and clumsily removed the paper log.  Both sides of the signing sheet were blank.  I would be the first one to sign it.  As I returned the cache to the dead trunk I noticed fresh footprints all around the area so I knew that I wasn't the first one here.  I typed out a short message on my phone and submitted a message telling the world of my discovery.  I couldn't help but wonder how the Native Americans felt when they discovered this view for the first time.  What treasure did you discover today?

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