Saturday, November 6, 2010

While we were eating our lunch in a local park I made note to Stacie that we were both wearing short sleeves in Colorado, in November.  It was an absolutely perfect day.  We went on a long hike and Geocaching gave us purpose as we trekked.  The views were stunning and the only interruptions we had throughout the day were the occasional aircraft flying overhead.  We saw some unusual things to include a kid's fort structure made with branches and held together with duct tape.  Lying nearby on the ground was a hand whittled arrow with duct tape vanes on the back to improve its flight dynamics.  There were several large gaps in the floor of this bridge but we crossed it without incident.  We topped off our hike with a soak in the hot tub and recapped the events of the day with high pressure water jets soothing the miles of impact on our sore feet.  What treacherous bridge did you cross today?

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  1. said goodbye to Nita as we dropped her off at the airport to go back to Nepal