Saturday, November 27, 2010

I only hit snooze once this morning at 5am when that cheerful little melodic phrase woke me from a sound sleep.  Stacie and I were on the Geocaching trail soon afterward.  Our goal today was to find 150 caches.  We found 110 after our (my) plan de-railed.  I built too much travel time in between some of the hides and this afternoon we were geographically challenged after transitioning into a new caching area.  As Stacie keeps reminding me, we surpassed 3 major milestones today.  We found over a hundred in a day (again) and we found our 700 and 800th cache.  The 105 degree water melted away the disappointment of not find 150 and the leftover turkey and dressing hit the spot.  Have you ever gotten lost with 3 GPS devices and a map?

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