Friday, November 26, 2010

I was in the middle of a REM cycle when the alarm broke the silence at 2am.  Today was Black Friday and when we arrived at our first visited store the line was around the building.  It was 13 degrees outside but that didn't deter the lemmings anticipating great deals.  We, however, stayed warm in the car since we had a long wait before we would break the plane of the front door.  We shopped for a short period of time and when it came time to pay for our items we noticed that the checkout line was wrapped clear around the entire store.  We made a calculated decision to retreat and hit the opening of the next store.  The parking lot at round two was absolutely filled to capacity.  We joined the line when it was a couple hundred feet from the entrance and as we rounded the corner people had already checked out with their coveted flat screen televisions.  The cashier line had already formed and ended at the back of the store.  This was 7 minutes after the store opened.  At 4:45am we arrived at our third retail outlet and the crowd at the home improvement store was quite different.  There were only 20 cold souls standing waiting for access.  We shopped and checked out in a very timely manner then it was off to store numbers 4 and 5.  The craft warehouse didn't even have all the lights turned on when we made our way to the back of the store but the atmosphere was far from chaotic.  Our adventure continued to 3 more establishments where we were rewarded with a thinner crowd and the same low prices experienced by the doorbusters.  Breakfast was at around 9am then we jumped back into the fast lane and patronized 5 more franchises.  Upon retiring back to the house Stacie and I made short work of storing the fall decorations and adorning the new season inside and out.  I settled my throbbing feet on top of two of the aqua jets in the hot tub for about 20 minutes but they are still hurting !  Did you shop til you dropped?

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