Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm often reminded of things from my childhood.  Stacie says it's because I haven't left it.  She's right.  A number of my great memories stem from the trips to the local store a short walk from my grandparents' home in Kaplan.  My cousins and I would carefully select what we bought since we didn't have too much to spend.  Some of the popular items were the wooden paddle with the ball connected with the huge rubber band, the plastic sketch pad that would erase will a pull of the top sheet, wax lips and coke bottle, candy cigarettes, Pixy Stix, jacks, cards, the Slinky, and the "Wooly Willy" where you decorated a bald guy with metal shavings and a magnet.  They were just simple toys and candy but we were completely ecstatic and grateful to get them.  Kids of the 2000's will look back and reminisce about their DVD player, DS and cell phone.  What is your fondest childhood toy memory?

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