Sunday, November 14, 2010

The day started with a time of relaxation in 105 degree pulsating water complements of the hot tub.  The air temperature sensor on the back deck displayed 36 while we enjoyed the hydrotherapy.  Later a herd of deer settled in right below our deck to take a break from the vigor of those hectic deer activities.  Stacie prepared a wonderful breakfast then she let me vegetate for a few hours.  I scared the deer to the other end of the open space when I stepped out onto the deck to take pictures but they looked like they welcomed the stretch of their muscles.  I spent a couple hours in the kitchen preparing a clam chowder recipe and was a little disappointed in my execution of the dish.  It seemed too thin for my taste but then Stacie reminded me that "chowdas" from the East Coast are thin in comparison to the Seattle area chowders.  I checked the recipe and sure enough, it had New England written across the top.  I'll just need to find a recipe from the West Coast.  Which coast do you favor?

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