Monday, November 22, 2010

It's so sweet.  I'm talking about the Geocache that I was able to log tonight.  I was casually checking my email and a notification of a new Geocache was in my inbox.  I just knew that it had been published during the day and several people would have found it already.  I got a kitchen pass, grabbed a flashlight and started up the mountain.  I arrived at the designated location and plunged into the wooded area.  I "found" many tree branches poking me in the face when I realized I was tracking my progress on the iPhone like I was in a virtual reality thrill ride.  I regrouped and noticed that I hadn't even turned the flashlight on yet.  When Apple's electronic marvel showed that I was within a few feet of the treasure I found the container nestled between two rocks and covered with pine needles.  The log was void of any entries which gave me the coveted honor of First To Find!  I fumbled with signing in the appropriate slot since I have very poor night vision and vacated the area.  Did you play hide and seek today?

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