Sunday, November 21, 2010

There is a use for all things in nature just like all humans have a purpose.  At first glance it may seem that there is no application for a thin spiral grass-like weed but its place in home decor has a firm foundation.  The seemingly unmanageable plant is not tamed but cut as it grows in the wild then is transformed into a stylish accoutrement.  Stacie has these emanating from a chic wooden vase in the master bedroom.  Although we spend many years trying to discover the predetermined course of our lives, we need to realize that it will find us.  Every single being is placed here not out of chance or coincidence, but out of carefully measured intent.  The sequence of events that collectively populates our existence on the planet can be altered but the results are skillfully managed into the inevitable by a force that we cannot perceive.  When you feel abandoned and have no sense of worth, look deep at who and what you are.  You add value to your family, friends, and fellow inhabitants of the Earth.  Have you discovered your purpose?

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  1. yes I have.

    A saying I found yesterday:
    A Father's love has no measure.
    daup the lovely pictures and great writing.
    a fan,