Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We ate lunch today at a place that Taco had seen on a food show.  The TV series had the host traveling around the country looking for the best of the Mom and Pop type establishments and then treated the viewer to a behind the scenes perspective.  This particular eatery had a car wash, coin-operated laundry, and the restaurant all in the same facility.  Although the combination of services provided here was a bit unusual, the food was extremely good and priced moderately.  Some people take their business vision and run with it.  A single idea can spark industries and global logistics which can lead to a domination of the market.  Smart business people use tried and true formulas in order to sustain profits and prolong growth.  The step of faith needed to make the prototype a reality is where most people stumble.  History reflects the bravery needed by American entrepreneurs and their willingness to risk failure.  Their success has lead to industrial revolutions and provided pivotal turning points for society as we know it today.  Will you put your vision into action?

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