Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I thought I had missed my opportunity to capture one of our neighbor's holiday lighting.  This "Bad Boy" (left arm swing) stands almost 9 feet tall!  This is the largest display in the neighborhood except for the large trees expertly lit (with LEDs) at our two entrances.  I interviewed the owner and he said that he is going to renovate the structure and lighting this year, so I'm glad I got a picture just in case it's not as attractive.  Colorado Springs has built in holiday beauty being sprawled all along the mountains and plains.  We took family on the sky ride up Cheyenne Mountain and experienced spectacular views.  The city lights are amazing anytime, but at Christmas the addition of holiday lighting made the visuals stunning.  Of course you could see the dramatic line where the city lights stopped and darkness sharply took over.  We affectionately call that line Kansas.  What was the best holiday display in your neighborhood?

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