Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok, I know a picture of our living room does not make good photo-journalism (Did I just call myself a photo-journalist?).  The coffee table is keeping the rug from "floating".  Stacie is teaching me design techniques that she has learned from HGTV.  We went for a rustic look and wanted to continue the theme of the Colorado scenery into our home.   The rug is a cow hide and its name is Diane (as in Steak Diane-thanks Clair).  The sofa and chairs have Rocky Mountain wildlife depicted on the upholstery.  The lamps, which you can't see, are made of steel that has been plasma cut in the shape of mountains and elk.  The artwork on the far wall is actually a photograph that I took in Aspen.  I gave it a watercolor effect and a hue adjustment with Photoshop.  Then we had them printed on canvas at a local office supply store and stretched them over frames we made ourselves.  Stacie has an eye for great decor (actually she has two) and we have enjoyed impressing the thematic changes to the house.  Do you name your furniture?


  1. Love your new furniture. Good designing.Send more pictures of your home. We don't name our furniture but we do name our cars.

  2. i do not name my furniture, but Clair named my gpsr Clair. notice the r.