Friday, February 26, 2010

I got in the wrong lane on the way home from work and I missed a turn.  So there I was on Powers Blvd. heading out of town.  I didn't have "Alice" with me (our GPS) and I had to drive awhile before I could get to a road that took me back in the right direction.  At the next major intersection I saw this quaint little farm.  Then I read the sign.  I've been in some pretty interesting churches in my time, but this one looks very inviting.  I've been to churches that used to be a coffee house, an old tobacco barn, and a metal garage but never one that is a farm.  Behind the buildings was a beautiful field and rays of sun were laying effortlessly along the lonely creek that disappeared into the horizon.  The long shadows that were brought on by the aging day hid any blemishes that might have been present in the countryside and I paused a few seconds to take in the views.  I climbed back in the car and used the GPS in my phone to direct me back home.  If I would have been in the correct lane on the way home I would have missed all of this.  It's strange how life's journey makes its own way.  What wrong turn will make your day?

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