Friday, March 19, 2010

First of all, I have to admit that the "weathermen" got it right today.  They were so excited they had TWO weathermen reporting the weather every 7 minutes on the morning news.  Second of all, having a crane pick up the hot tub and hoisting it over the house to the back deck was WAY cool!!!  We woke up to about a quarter inch of snow but it just kept coming down.  We started to worry that the project was going to be scrapped because the crane wouldn't be able to make it in the neighborhood.  The crane made it to the house with no problems and was even about 15 minutes early.  The tub arrived shortly and the fun began.  While the crane operator worked to level his rig, the guys from Arctic Spas prepared the tub for lift off.  I have to admit I had a few butterflies in my stomach.  My nervous silliness kicked in and I jokingly asked if they could swing it over the neighbors house since the house is empty and the crane company is insured.  They picked up the tub about 6 feet above the trailer, made some adjustments then it started climbing high in the sky.  I quickly realized that the crane operator was basically working blind since once he lowered the tub below the roof line he couldn't see it.  The owner of the spa company gave him directions from a cell phone.  Stacie and I had measured the space many times and we knew that there would be only 2 feet of clearance between the railing and the overhang of the house.  As the tub made its descent the thought of having a new unwanted sky light in the kitchen started to become a primary focus.  My worries were soon put away when the tub came skillfully gliding into its resting place.  And they didn't spill a drop of water!  Right now the heater is doing its job and raising the 44 degree water temperature to a nice and soothing 104 degrees.  Our electrician is feverishly working to do all of the grounding and relocating of some other circuits.  The poor guy is having to work in the cold, snow blowing, winter blast, but thanks to his efforts, tonight we will be enjoying the warm hydro-therapeutic comfort under the moonlit Colorado sky.  How can you create mini-vacations at your home?

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  1. What a picture!I am so glad that the snow didn't delay the delivery of your hot tub.
    After a long hike sitting and relaxing in the hot water will sooth those tired muscles.