Thursday, March 18, 2010

I seem to write about the weather a great deal.  I guess it's because the weather changes here so fast that it becomes a major topic of discussion during the work day.  It was 71 degrees today on our back deck and that is truly amazing since our "weathermen" have predicted 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow.  Currently (at 10:09pm) it is 40 degrees.  Now that I have you riveted with the temperature let me just say that we don't really need a foot of snow tomorrow.  We have some projects going on at the house that would be greatly hindered by a white out.  While we were working on the back deck with an electrical contractor we noticed some new additions to the back deck next to us.  Our neighbor (remember the Mexican feeder?) has recently returned from south of the border and has adorned their front porch and back deck (pictured) with some really nice looking metal decorations.  It reminds me that my sister wants my brother-in-law to buy her a plasma cutter for her birthday.  How cool is that?  I think it is really neat how people can use many mediums to express their artistic talents.  This artisan used metal, but some use clay, porcelain, paper, ink, wax, plastic, and glass.  I had a coworker that would take old rusty truck leaf springs and forge them into highly polished chromed knives.  What are you doing with your talents?

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  1. What is plasma cutter?
    I hope you all can get your work done before the snow starts coming down.