Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well there is always a silver lining.  The good thing about the time change is that I get to see the day begin.  This morning this cement truck was chugging up the hill and as it struggled it was bathed in beautiful warm sunlight.  Speaking of was 68 degrees this afternoon. WooHoo.  It is so great to have nice weather where we can get out in it and do things.  Stacie and I get cabin fever (we have a little "Cabin Fever" song that we always sing) very easily.  Not the Jack Nicholson (in The Shining) type of cabin fever, but close.  We love hiking, biking, Geocaching, mountain climbing, snow shoeing, and just being outside.  This past weekend we cooked on the grill on the deck, while it was snowing!  It was great being outside even if it wasn't the best of conditions.  Some of our longest (and best) hikes have been on trails covered with a couple feet of snow.  Do you like to spend your leisure time inside or out?

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