Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today while Geocaching Chris and I ran across these in the middle of nowhere.  I can't help but be reminded of Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs.  Do you remember those?  We were trying to find 50 Geocaches in one day but it didn't quite work out for us.  It was a great day anyway.  The sky was cloudless, the temperature was in the 60s, there was very little wind, and a bad day of Geocaching is always better than a good day at work.  Stacie, Glenda, and the kids had a picnic lunch at Garden of the Gods.  Afterward, they took the boys to a nearby park where they ran, and ran, and ran.  They all came home and took a nap.  Except Owen.  He was probably still excited about the flashlight from last night.  Although our geocaching day wasn't what we expected, our Saturday was very relaxing and we are looking forward to Sunday.  How did you celebrate the weekend?

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