Sunday, March 14, 2010

There's always something magical about a child and snow.  Pictured here is Owen sitting on a boulder about 30 feet from Balanced Rock at an entrance to Garden of the Gods.  The snow just kept coming down.  It reminds me of when I was in second grade.  We moved to Alaska and I wasn't real familiar with snow but I knew it was cold and fun.  After a couple of years, we moved to Pennsylvania and on the first snow day I ran outside to play in it.  I noticed there was something strange about what was falling down.  It smelled funny.  To be more correct, it didn't smell like anything.  You see, for the two years or so that we lived in Alaska, we lived on base just a few blocks from the air terminal.  Because they refueled aircraft often, there was always the smell of jet fuel in the air.  At 8 years old I associated the smell of the jet fuel with snow.  So the snow in Pennsylvania smelled funny.  We share a lot of our time today with the cold white stuff and had a great day with our company.  What will you see through the eyes of a child?

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